I was born in late 1990 in the beautiful city of Évora, in the south of Portugal. Throughout my entire youth, computers were always a center piece of my education. Having had my first computer at home when I was around 6 years old, I soon started to wonder how they worked. From what made the enemies at “Age of Empires” attack me at the worst times, to how could I create something for the world to see, computers were a mystery that had to be solved. That’s what made me go to the public library and start studying computers and programming when I was just 15 and that’s why it was so easy to choose what I would be studying at the university, in Lisbon Tech (Instituto Superior Técnico). There, I became a member of the Student Union (AEIST), becoming the youngest guy in charge of the IT system, from networks, to application development. After leaving AEIST, I started to get involved in other projects. Probably the most exciting one was being a cofounder at BeyonIdeas, a crowd sourcing startup that worked between 2013-2015 (more on that later). After that, I went on to become a freelancer and to dedicate more time studying new ways to create awesome things.


Other important things about me