Client satisfaction is always my ultimate goal. For that purpose, I have created a couple of rules that I follow everytime:

  • Safety first. It may sound logical, but it’s not what tends to happen out there. When dealing with personal data and confidential information, security should always be the number one concern. The software I develop is guaranteed to be safe and well tested.
  • Design matters. The software I create is meant to be used everyday. And if it’s going to be so, it should be beautiful and practical making life easy for everyone.
  • Physical proximity doesn’t matter, availability does. Constant contact is essential for client satisfaction. And the closer we get to the final delivery of the project, the more we should be in contact. I’ll be available to you 24/7, before, during and after the project is finished. Just so everything can be right as you want.
  • Compromise and honesty are essencial. Without these we might as well not even start working together. The relationship we establish is crucial for any project. I need to know what you think and I need to tell you what can and what shouldn’t be done.
  • Having things done long before the dead line is a good practice. Murphy laws are real and they apply everywhere and everytime, so one must always be prepared. Having things done before they are needed is the best way to make sure everything will be up and running when the project goes live.

Other important things about me